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Da Sony 2 nuovi Theme Packs per Cinescore

posted by VMStaff
Da Sony 2 nuovi Theme Packs per Cinescore

Il prezzo di ciascuno pack è di $99.99 e sono acquistabili direttamente dallo store online Sony o presso i rivenditori ufficiali.

dal Comunicato Stampa ufficiale:

Sony Media Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing software applications, today unveiled a new way to score projects with the offering of two new Cinescore™ Theme Packs: Pass the Ring: The Wedding Soundtrack Library and Incredible Vistas: Visual and Emotional Panoramas. Now, with just a few clicks, videographers and music producers can generate royalty-free, tailor made music cues that sound like big-budget soundtracks. Incredible Vistas contains ten Themes appropriate for a vast assortment of applications, from grand cinematic gestures to corporate presentations. Pass the Ring is a one-stop solution for wedding videographers that contains all the expected classics plus an assortment of music suited to a wide variety of applications.

Theme Packs are used exclusively within the groundbreaking new Cinescore software application. Every Cinescore Theme contains a universe of music resources that come to life inside Cinescore software to offer a near-infinite array of possibilities for generating perfectly-integrated film music. Accentuate peak moments with grand crescendos or soften moods easily and instantly by working with Themes directly on the video timeline.

Before Cinescore software, customizable production music was characterized by a ‘building-block’ approach with limited, predictable options for generating music variations. By contrast, the innovative Cinescore software utilizes extremely complex background processing that offers end users full access to an amazing amount of sound shaping options by using just a few simple, intuitive controls.

"Cinescore Theme Packs take film scoring to a new level by providing royalty-free music that can be very easily shaped to meet the requirements of any video content," said Dave Chaimson, vice president of Marketing for Sony Media Software. "Virtually anyone working in any creative medium can now generate original music soundtracks automatically, and achieve results that rival original scores of the highest caliber."

Pricing and AvailabilityCinescore Theme Packs will be available worldwide through software stores and online retailers for US $99.99 (each). More information on the Cinescore Theme Packs and Cinescore product as well as the entire line of Sony Media Software applications can be found at



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