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Da Sony: New Artist Integrated Loops and Contest

posted by VMStaff
Da Sony: New Artist Integrated Loops and Contest

Disponibili a prezzo speciale (fino al 28 Febbraio prossimo) 4 pack di loop utilizzabili con Sony Acid Pro studiati per essere perfettamente integrati da loro e consentire quindi ai musicisti di avere a disposizione una libreria di suoni particolarmente ricca.

Di seguito il comunicato stampa in lingua inglese: 

Artist Integrated

Introducing the Quartet of Artist Integrated libraries
Save $70 when you buy all four*

A Sony® Sound Series exclusive, the Artist Integrated™ line now contains a quartet of sample libraries that are designed to work seamlessly with each other. How? Artist Integrated libraries each have 15 sessions—packets of loops created as artists play over ACID® projects made with loops from other Artist Integrated library sessions. Artist Integrated loops groove with each other across the entire Artist Integrated Quartet. Work within sessions across Artist Integrated libraries to get the tightest possible loop combinations and the quickest results!

Get $70 off when you buy all four Artist Integrated libraries — only $179.80!*

New! Parthenon Huxley’s Six-String Orchestra

Parthenon Huxley's Six-String Orchestra Parthenon Huxley is an electric guitarist of note whose considerable talents are continuously engaged in the art and craft of creating hit singles. Parthenon Huxley’s Six-String Orchestra has studio sessions packed with rock and pop electric guitar samples comprising 15 song sessions rocking with riffs of distinction, solos that speak volumes, and crackling accents played on vintage axes. Use these samples royalty-free in your preferred workstation and breed hearty rock and pop earwigs with plenty of bite. Learnmore

831 (1372MB) original, royalty-free loops.

New! Matt Fink: StarVu Session Keys

Matt Fink: StarVu Session Keys For the StarVu Session gig, Matt worked himself into the Quartet of Artist Integrated sample libraries. The concept is simple. Gather four accomplished players with distinct signature sounds, and interface their talents on completely synchronized sample libraries that together deliver the best-sounding rock and pop song templates found in the world of royalty-free samples. Work with rock music the way rock should be made; from the ground up, with players intuitively dialed in to each others’ grooves and feels. Learnmore

652 (1362MB) original, royalty-free loops.

Quartet to Quintet Contest

Quartet to Quintet: The Ultimate Collaboration
Upload your entry for this performance event

To celebrate the debut of our Artist Integrated Quartet,® presents Quartet to Quintet: The Ultimate Collaboration. The new Artist Integrated sample library concept is rooted in the belief that the best performances are born out of inspiration and collaboration. What better way to spread the word than a contest with a little twist?

We’ve provided you with a 320k MP3 download of "Quartet to Quintet," a song created using loops from all four Artist Integrated Quartet libraries. It’s got a beginning, an end, and everything in between. What it doesn’t have is you… at least not yet. Download the MP3, drop it into your DAW of choice, and tack on that special touch that only you can provide. When you’ve transformed our Quartet into a Quintet, save down your track and upload it to ACIDplanet. It’s that simple.

There are four big prize packages with this event, with prizes from Open Labs, Gibson, and Sony. For contest details or to enter, visit today.

*Offer available exclusively when buying direct from Sony Creative Software via links in this email. Discount reflected in shopping cart. Offer expires February 28, 2008.

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