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Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks e 5.0.5 FxPlug

posted by VMStaff
Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks e 5.0.5 FxPlug

Disponibili, da BorisFX, Boris Continuum Complete 5.0.5 FxPlug Update e Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks.
Di seguito il comunicato in inglese completo del videotutorial sull’utilizzo del PixelChooser in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Boris Continuum Complete 5.0.5 FxPlug Update Now Available

Boris Continuum Complete 5.0.5 FxPlug is now available. Version 5.0.5 takes further advantage of Apple FxPlug performance acceleration in Final Cut Pro by adding new vector processing and optimizing color conversion, field rendering, and multi-processor acceleration. BCC 5.0.5 FxPlug is a free update for BCC 5.x FxPlug customers. We recommend that all BCC 5.x FxPlug customers update to BCC 5.0.5 FxPlug.

Download the Update

Free Training Video: Boris PixelChooser and Adobe Premiere Pro

Check out this new training video to learn more about the unique Boris PixelChooser feature.

Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks Now Available

Boris Continuum Complete 5 Sparks is now available. New filter highlights include Optical Flow-based Motion Key for foreground object removal, Optical Stabilizer for smooth image stabilization, and a range of other new effects. OS and host support extend to the latest version of Linux and the 2009 lineup of Autodesk compositing and finishing systems: Flint, Flame, Inferno, and Smoke, including Burn network rendering.

A total of 145 filters include the popular Glint, Glitter, and Glare series, Lens Flare, Film Process, Film Damage, Particle Systems, Volumetric Lighting Rays, and Wipe effects. Boris Continuum Complete is the only plug-in suite that allows users to swap filter presets with other BCC host applications regardless of the manufacturer or model. This streamlined workflow allows editors to copy effects from offline to finish and vice versa. Additionally, the new BCC Sparks release includes over 1,500 preset effects, further accelerating effects production workflow.

New Version 5 features include…

  • Motion Key: remove moving foreground objects
  • Extruded Image Shatter: break up an image into extruded shards flying in 3D space
  • LED: transform a movie clip or text layer as if it were displayed on an array of blinking LED lights
  • Prism: simulate the photographic effect of chromatic aberration for artistic effects, auto-generated backgrounds
  • Damaged TV: emulate the look of a badly-tuned or broken analog CRT television screen
  • Scanline: create rolling RGB scanlines over the source image
  • Optical Stabilizer: automatically lock a hand-held shot without having to set up tracking points
  • Color Choker: Posterize and blur color channels to achieve creative and artistic looks
  • BCC Cube: create a six-sided cube with your choice of media and transparency for each side
  • BCC Turbulence: create gel-like distortion fields using noise map and turbulence controls
  • Half-Tone: simulate the look of a newspaper print in grayscale or color
  • Noise Map 2: generate procedurally-based, resolution-independent, auto-animated clips
  • Light Wrap: reflect the background layer in the foreground composite

Test Drive BCC 5 Sparks Free for 60 Days

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