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Feature summary | Premiere Pro (October 2021 release)

New and refined workflows in Premiere Pro 22.0 let you stay in the moment as you shape your video stories, including improvements to Speech to Text, new Simplify Sequence, color management for H.264 and HEVC formats, improvements to the Lumetri color tools, and new hardware-accelerated playback for demanding 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC footage.

Unified Version numbers
With this release, the Adobe video and audio applications are aligning on version number 22.0. Major versions offer forward and backward interoperability between the Adobe applications (for functions such as Dynamic Link) so that users with any 22.x version can work with any other 22.x. Consistent version numbering will simplify updating and collaboration.

Speech to Text Improvements
From transcription through final export, Speech to Text in Premiere Pro is the industry’s only fully integrated and automated workflow for creating and customizing captions. Speech to Text improvements in this release include:
Speech to Text Improvements build on the industry’s only fully integrated and automated workflow for adding and customizing captions:
- Improved transcription accuracy for pop culture terminology and better formatting of dates and numbers.
- New option to export captions as sidecar files only.

Simplify Sequence
Create a clean copy of the current sequence for sharing with other editors, archiving, or exporting as EDL, XML, or AAF.
When your timeline is cluttered, Simplify Sequence allows you to remove empty tracks, disable clips with specific labels, and remove markers, or other user-specified elements.

Color management for H.264 and HEVC
With new color management for H.264 and HEVC formats, Premiere Pro interprets the correct color space when importing these formats, including 10-bit and HDR files. For exports, Premiere Pro includes the correct color space metadata with your output files, ensuring that your colors will display correctly on the destination platform. When creating new sequences, you can choose to Match Source or apply the color space you want to use, depending on your working media.

Improved playback for 10-bit HEVC
New hardware-accelerated decoding for 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC files provides improved playback and smoother editing with supported hardware, including M1 Macs and Windows Intel machines.
For more information, see:

- ... ments.html
- ... oding.html

Improved playback for 10-bit H.264 on M1 Macs
New hardware-accelerated decoding for 10-bit 4:2:2 H.264 provides an improved editing experience on M1 Macs.
For more information, see:

- ... ments.html
- ... oding.html

Color management for Sony XAVC-L-HDR
New support for Sony XAVC-L-HDR gives broadcasters and production teams another option for working with HDR content, taking up less server and storage space than XAVC Intra.

Colorized Vectorscope
The new colorized Vectorscope provides a much richer representation of the color components in your image. It makes it easier to see how the colors change as you apply grading adjustments.
Double-click the new Vectorscope for 2x zoom to make precision adjustments, for example, for white balance or skin tones.
A new skin tone line in the Vectorscope provides a helpful reference as you fine-tune your color grade.

Improved Histogram
The improved Histogram presents a brighter and crisper display for a more accurate analysis of your color distribution. Like the other Lumetri scopes, the Histogram supports both SDR and HDR content.

Lumetri curve refinements
Lumetri curve refinements make adjustments more efficient with a more spacious rectangular window and easier selection of adjustment points on Luma and RGB curves.

Restore trim selection
You can now reset edit points that are accidentally unselected. This handy option saves you from manually reassembling a complicated group of edit points on the timeline just because you clicked in the wrong place.

Improved Media Relinking for Team Projects
It is now easier to relink media in Team Projects. You can now follow the same relink workflow in Team Projects as you do in stand-alone Premiere Pro. Team Projects generates the necessary media mapping for you – just as if you were to directly use the Media Management dialog – and keeps track of your local media and the shared Team Projects file.

Improved Bars and Tone
The Bars and tone generator in Premiere Pro can now create test patterns for both HDR (High Dynamic Range) and traditional SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). The audio parameters are now combined into one consolidated dialog. By default, the color space and other technical details like resolution and frame rate will be set to match the currently active sequence. You can specify these parameters yourself or use one of the presets, such as UHD Rec.2100 HLG.
Use bars to check the calibration of your display or for troubleshooting, or include bars and tone as part of content delivery requirements to ensure image and audio fidelity.

New GPU acceleration for effects
Four more effects in Premiere Pro are now GPU-accelerated. Alpha Glow, Mirror, Reduce Interlace Flicker, and Strobe now perform significantly better during playback performance and render faster for exports. With the addition of these four, a total of 69 effects and transitions are now GPU-accelerated in Premiere Pro.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.0
- When selecting “Export each channel as separate file”, audio clip import fails.
- Animated .gif output Quality slider (in video settings) does nothing.
- Files from Polaroid Cube camera slowly drift out of sync.
- Media captured using Xbox Game Bar displays with green preview artifacts.
- Improved Smart Rendering Export performance.
- Improved playback of certain MP4 files with multiple audio streams.
- Ripple Trim shortcut will slip one frame.
- Improved stability when switching workspaces.
- Moving markers in the timeline with M1 Mac results in flickering in the Program Monitor.
- Application hangs with control surface device and using <CMD>+<Opt>+Drag operation in the timeline.
- Copy and paste of track volume will add a second instance in the volume effect.
- The macOS (Big Sur) Moving slider tool results in preview glitches with a black frame in Source Monitor.
- Resetting the button in the Loudness Meter effect can cause Premiere Pro to crash while using JKL.
- Registration failure of multiple GPU filters.

Come dico sempre, non aggiornate nel mezzo di un Progetto in corso, ma aspettate prima di finire il vecchio Progetto e poi aggiornate. Dopo che aggiornate, fate una pulizia della cache così Premiere cancella i vecchi file e crea i nuovi.


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