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[Accessori] DeMaagd Accessories: Insostituibili compagni di viaggio [ENG]

posted by nuntro

After my review on SONY HC1E, many people asked me advices on DeMaagd Accessories. So I wrote to Jeff and he sent me some of the accessories made by DeMaagd Accessories.
Let’s see how they work and how they integrates with our camera.

These are the items I received:

The three accessories arrived in a package made with care, each one with its own data sheet (the same you can find on the website) which shows how to use and install it.
Let’s see in detail the description of the three.

It is a plate which allows to get around the well-known problem of changing the tape when the camera is on a tripod.
The plate infact screws up to che camera and with ist shape designed to match the bottom of the HC1 can be itself screwed up to different things (other than the tripod I found it great for my camera shoulder brace) allowing a fast tape change in every circumstance.

The plate has a number of holes on the bottom to fit to different supports.

On the shoulder brace, the camera shows more stability and at the same time it is possible to change quickly the tape without removing the camera from the support.


Also on a tripod, watching from the bottom, we can see how useful is this plate for a tape change with the camera perfectly fasten.

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