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[Accessori] DeMaagd Accessories: Insostituibili compagni di viaggio [ENG]

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Now let’s see one of the most desirable accessories and, for me, most useful for an HC1 owner who wants to use an external mic.
Once the AIS-FLAT is mounted on the camera it is possible to connect the type of microphone we want, and not necessarily choose one of the few models from Sony which use the AIS interface.

With this little accessory it has been very simple to connect the Rode Videomic, for example, allowing the owners of this mic to use it without buying a Sony mic !

With this very useful accessory it is possible not only to get around the tape change problem when the camera is on a tripod, but also to get a number of very interesting additional features.

The PROAT, othet than screwing up to the camera to help videomakers for a quickly tape change (when the camera is on a tripod, etc…) has a mount point for accessories that would normally screw into a camcorder’s tripod mount (for example a Bescor VB-50 as shown in the picture) on wich we can connect an external mic or a light.

I have to admit that I like “do-it-yourself” very much, and I had no doubt about the quality of these accessories, but when I saw them for myself I realized they’re really incredible. They’re made with an exceptional care and precision ad they integrates so perfectly with the camera that if I were Sony I would be very envious.
The prices are low and (for example with the AIS-FLAT) you can use many type of microphones and save a lot of money using them other then buying a dedicated Sony mic.

These are the prices:

These are high level products, so you’ll never regret buying them !
My advice is to follow our friend Jeff’s website, because accessories for other cameras (HC3, HC7, Canon HV10) are coming day after day.
Obviously the HC1 accessories are also suitable for the A1 model.

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