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[Corsi e training] Liquid Edition Mind Meld 6.1 [ENG]

posted by vighi

We go to see in detail what offers to us the course in DVD on Avid Liquid 7 of Paul Mitton.

Before what that we can ourselves be asked is "why a review on a course in DVD?" that it is in English?
I can try to explain it saying simply that when a software is truly powerful and with so many features, you would take to much time in order to learn to use it reading the handbook.
A manual with more than 1000 pages!  A course therefore, specially if so good as this one, can help us to save time and above all to see also with examples what we can obtain with Liquid 7.
It would be like saying to one that it buys a Ferrari that, because we are all sportsmen, and italians also pilots, would be enough to us to put an helmet, the gloves and gooooooooooooo but then discovering that using it in this way, without known all features, we would not end with breaking us to the first curve.
Liquid Edition 7 for me is a Ferrari between the programs of NLE Editing video softwares and this course it seems to remember this fact already from the cover.

 We begin with saying that for who it attends several international forums, official and not, to find news about Liquid Edition, the name of Paul Mitton is famous, in order to have an idea of its abilities and of how much it has made up to now you can see this link, at the same time are famous his several courses in DVD.
Made curious from the links to his websites, I downloaded some videos of example and I remained fascinated, so I have contacted Paul for the review of the product and I remained been strange that it knew to us!
He was much available and timely one in the answers, demanded the course, after less than 7 days already had arrived to destination directly from California.
 The course is made up of a triple DVD and immediately a thing has hit to me: the cure of the details for the shipment from United States.
There were two security envelopes and quite other padding to the inside between a DVD and the other in order to avoid any damage during the transport!

 Inserting the first DVD, we can see a very nice full screen interface, with many buttons that will carry to the several lessons of the course.
To the center of the screen they are the 2 most interesting ones that link to the index and the detailed description of all lessons. 

 Opening the document we can navigate it and discover for every video which contains (in blue), its total duration, subchapters that it contains and for everyone of these their time of beginning.   
 Returning to the interface, we discover that passing with the mouse over every button it will come evidenced the duration of the video in minutes.
We try therefore to click some button, the Camtasia player starts (the excellent software that concurs to capture the screen in high quality) and in an optimal quality of 1024×768, we go inside the course.
Some tips to see it better: if you want it in full screen press ALT + Enter and use the Spacebar in order to play or stop the video or to put it in pause, ESC to return to normal screen.    A nice background music start and then the warm and calm voice of Paul, a freelance trainer normally situated in California but for the occasion moved on the Australian coast from which also he has taken the video of funny animals used as actors with  surfers for the footage of the course, free video that you can find in the Bonus Content folder with the FAQ and images that can be used.
Another nice thing of this DVD is that in the menu, in the lower left corner there are links to go directly in Internet in the several forums or Liquid online support website.

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