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[Corsi e training] Liquid Edition Mind Meld 6.1 [ENG]

posted by vighi

 Returning to examine the content of 1° DVD we see on the left first chapters that help us to learn many useful things like installing the software, as how to use the GUI (graphical interface) and some useful settings in order to render in the best way with Liquid.
After a short description on how to customize the interface, there are first steps to learn the basic functions of the software, starting with acquiring a video.
Approximately a pair of hours of explanation in which somtines you could get lost for the description of the terminologies, in this case and if your English is not so good, refer to the handbook in Italian.

The next step is the editing starting from that basical procedures arriving to more professional things.

The introduction to the special effects take us in the amusing part of the course.
Paul is a very good trainer and let us to understand the things with examples and projects that grow with difficulties.
Often Paul supplies us some trick and/or shortcuts that there will be very useful, like, for example, the use of the <ALT> key while we drag clip or transitions and that it concurs to vary the anchorage point.
Another very nice trick is to hold pressed SHIFT key while we move one clip on the timeline in order to avoid the magnetic snap, from this:

 to this:

 to try it!

Passing to 2° DVD we find immediatelly a most interesting argument for all Liquid users: the "Computer Setup", 30" of suggestions on how to obtaining the maximum from our computer.
The only defect of this video is the reference to some screenshots of Pinnacle Studio (the reason is that the tips are the same for Liquid 6).
Then there are a pair of tutorials on how to use the external box for acquisition and  how to manage the compressed audio acquisition for voice-over.
Then we pass to see linear and dynamic Timewarp (rallenty), chroma key and a very interesting chapter about the Color Correction with the explanation also of terms and difficult concepts (vectorscope) using pratical examples.
Last chapters are dedicates to the creation of DVD also with complex structure and exports.

Returning to examine the menu of this second DVD we notice a particular section, a series of video collected under the name "Grandma’s Tips", that contains "tips and secrets of the German grandmother of Paul"!

A very useful section that teach us an infinity of small tips for having the maximum from this software, some of these tips I do not know if they are present in the 1,000 pages of the Liquid handbook!

 To the end of this section we find a strange section called "What’s new"!!
Opening it, we begin to see some videos and we notice that are related to what is of new in release 6!
This why the course of Paul was evolved from release 5 of Liquid and, also taking advantage of the classic interface of the software, Paul has been able to add new contents in order to describe and to analyze the innovationes of the release.
With these tutorials we can learn secrets of the dolby surround, the track matte, the multicamera editing and the backup management.Also here hours of clear and detailed explanations. 

 We arrive to the last DVD of the course and finally we find the label "Liquid 7", we insert the DVD and we find the section "What’ s new in Liquid 7" that contains videos that illustrate the innovationes.
Only sorrow is that often we see the PDF manual and less details "on the field": we believe that the version of the course in DVD of Paul was relesead at the same time with release 7 of Liquid and it wasn’t enough time in order to deepn the software with the winning method used in the previous DVD.
Knowing Paul, he is already to the work in order to supply a version to us more and more detailed of this course. Now it’s time to give a judgment on this "Mind Meld"!

I have found it very good in first part, very explained with a method that involve you and helps you to follow all lessons.
A simple language that permit to learn also to who does not have one perfect acquaintance of the English language.
Well,  a course in Italian it would be the maximum perhaps but for this in a near future we of VideoMakers.net could organize something!

Others nice features are the lot of tips and tricks and facilities for the daily use of the software.

Defects instead are not to have deepened some aspects that deserved for me more space (dynamic Timewarp) and to have reduced to introductory small tutorial the explanation of release 7 of Liquid.

In the complex an optimal product, with a cost of approximately 100$, suitable also for who use for the first time Liquid just for the ability to guide step by step and with  a constant increase of difficulty.

If you want to see as the course structure, you can consult the official website in particular the page: http://www.creationtrek.com/LIQUID6.htm where you can find, in pdf files, the indices of the 3 DVD.
A Link more useful in order to understand if your acquaintances of the English language help you not to make an incautious purchase is following:
http://www.creationtrek.com/sample_clips.htm, you will find a vast number of clips of example, extracted from the DVD of the course that you can download or play directly online.

 A thanks to Paul for the patient job and his nice course that will give fun and teach many things to who will buy it.

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