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[Corsi e training] Magnet Media DMTS Inside Final Cut Pro 5 [ENG]

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One of the most challenging factors in approaching a new software is represented by documentation, which in professional software can be an obstacle sometimes discouraging, leading to a very steep learning curve.

For this reason, the availability of video tutorials and complete video courses, which help to approach the complexity of a software easier and more directly, is having a great success between both newbie users and professionals, who often have to learn all the secrets of a software product in a very short time.

In this scenario, Magnet Media presents the series of video training courses Digital Media Training which includes, among others, Inside Final Cut Studio, one of the most complete DVD training set for Apple’s Final Cut Studio applications.

Inside Final Cut Studio is a bundle of 7 DVD with more than 35 hours of video lessons dedicated to Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2 and Soundtrack Pro. These four video training sets are also available individually, and in this review and in the next ones we will discover them all in detail, starting from Inside Final Cut Pro 5.

Training Course Description

Inside Final Cut Pro 5 is distributed in 2 DVD-Rom with 96 training lessons for a total length of 10.5 hours of learning, in English language.

The training is targeted at beginner through advanced or professional users, who want to improve their knowledge of the software, discover all its secrets or simply have a visual support to watch on the fly for getting detailed descriptions about specific editing tools.

The DVD set includes the full video training course based on Final Cut Pro 4 (DVD 1) and all the lessons about HD and 5.0 features (DVD 2). With respect to this, we have to say that the transition from Final Cut Pro 4.0 to 5.0 added new features but determined very few changes on existing functions. Therefore Final Cut Pro 5 users will have no problems at all in following the first DVD.

The teacher who takes us to the discovery of Final Cut Pro, Evan Schechtman, is a professional editor, founder of Outpost Digital, who worked with such networks as ABC, CBS, MTV, VH1, etc.

Evan explains topics in a very professional way and also very clearly. He is also easy to understand even to users that don’t speak english as a first language.

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