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[Corsi e training] Sony Sound Forge 9 Seminaries Series [ENG]

posted by Yarin VooDoo


The topics covered are divided in 11 chapters that the user can view separately or all together. Specifically we find:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Routing Playback
  • Chapter 3. Recording
  • Chapter 4. Selecting Data
  • Chapter 5. Editing Techiniques
  • Chapter 6. Channel Converter
  • Chapter 7. Phase Scopes
  • Chapter 8. Processes & Effects
  • Chapter 9. Keyboard Mapping
  • Chapter 10. Spectrum Analysis
  • Chapter 11. Conclusion

Sony Sound Forge 9 Seminaries Series

The Tutor of the course is Gary Rebholz, author of other Sony Creative Software courses, and the total duration of the course is about 80 minutes.

Sony Sound Forge 9 Seminaries Series

The training DVD, as anticipated, is based entirely on the new features of Sound Forge 9, especially the recording, editing and management of multichannel audio (the real revolution of this release), and for this reason it is especially indicated for users who have at least a basic knowledge of the software and want to quickly practice on the new features.

If at first sight this seem to be a limit, however the new features are explained in detail, showing all the numerous editing possibilities offered by the software, and after following the course it is easy to understand why the DVD is exclusively dedicated to the new features.

All the topics explained can be followed step by step using Sound Forge and the media files included in the Companion Disc.

In the Companion Disc we find the real new feature of this new Seminar Series DVD, in fact, in the same bundle (and at the same price!), we have both the DVD Video version and the Flash version which can be viewed on a Pc with an internet browser with the videotutorials at the resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

Sony Sound Forge 9 Seminaries Series

This is an interesting added value that allows users to follow the course in the preferred way.
Moreover, this is the first training DVD, between those we tested until now, that offers the two version in the same bundle at the same price.
I suggest to use Internet Explorer, because Firefox seems to have some little problem with the flash videos.

In addition, as suggested in the DVD, it is better to copy the folder with the flash course in the HDD to improve the playback performances.

As usual, the Seminar Series DVDs are the ideal companion to Sony Creative softwares, both because they’re made directely by Sony and because they’re made with care letting the user to understand clearly the features covered.

The training DVD is in english and at least a scholastic knowledge of the language is required but all the features are explained directely on video and it’s quite easly to follow every chapter (in this edition the tutor sections are limited, with more space to see what’s happening on the screen).
The presence of the Flash version in the Companion Disc, at the same price, is a significant added value.


  • DVD Video (PAL o NTSC on request) and Flash 1024×768 versions in the same bundle
  • All the new features of Sound Forge 9 are explained in detail
  • Made by the same software house that produce the software


  • Only the new features are treated
  • It is only in english language


Sony Online Store

  • PAL/NTSC version $73.95

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