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[Software] DVD-Lab Pro2 [ENG]

posted by marina

(translated by Emanuele P. "epitit")

Versione Italiana

Thanks to the support provided by many software, DVD authoring, all operations to create a complete DVD with all its features, is now an affordable thing for all fans of video editing

Mediachance is a company that – since 1996 – offers interesting multimedia solutions and for DVD authoring presents DVD-Lab, which is one of the more accessible software , both economically and easy to use, although among the most complete and surprising.

DVD-Lab in the PRO2 version – arrived to the 2.5 release – in addition to having consolidated the characteristics of accessibility, well known to those who took confidence in the stardard version of the program, added new features.

[Software] DVD-Lab Pro2

Once installed DVD-Lab PRO2 we see that the windows that make up the screen opening of the program – the Project window and windows Connections, Menu, Movie, Assets, Compile and Preview – may be positioned independently from each other and then moved to the position that each considers most suitable to our needs.

[Software] DVD-Lab Pro2

The simplicity of use of this program is highlighted by the fact that most operations can be performed with a simple drag-and-drop so, to enter a movie into DVD, just after imported into the Assets window with a click right mouse , drag in the Connections window in the First icon Movie that are Empty or directly into the window Movie.

[Software] DVD-Lab Pro2

In the same way you can proceed with the audio, dragging, in the Connections, in Icon Movie above the corresponding video or directly in the audio track in the window Movie where is the movie.

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