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[Software] Pixelan CreativEase [ENG]

posted by Yarin VooDoo

Video-Editing softwares become more and more powerful, but, although the improvements, do not succeed to satisfy always  all the artistic necessities of videomakers.
In aid arrive, punctual, many third-part producers with their plug-ins in order to improve the video production and to add characteristics and functionalities.

Just in this category is placed Pixélan Software CreativEase, a complete set of filters very simple to use that we analyze, in this review, with Sony Vegas, the software is however available also for Adobe (Premiere 6.x/Pro/Elements and After Effects), Avid and Pinnacle softwares.

CreativEase is the evolution of the good, but by now old, Spicefilter of which it improves functions and usability.
In fact CreativEase joins to power of its filters with an user-friendly interface and a lot of presets available by default, all these concur to use the software immediately without problems, thanks to a very simple interface adapted to the selected video filter that shows only what it is necessary, leaving, however, the possibility to the expert users to modify the advanced parameters.

The software is composed from several groups of filters buyable separately with a cost of $39for 1 pack, $69 for 2 pack or $129 for the full version with all pack and extras, the available packs are:

Color Effects Pack

  • Posterwise
  • Chromawarp 2

Blur Effects Pack

  • OrganiBlur
  • BlurPro

Depth Effects Pack

  • RiseShine
  • FlowTexture 2

Grain Effects Pack

  • GrainPlus 2
  • SpatterFlex

Time Effects Pack

  • StepMotion 2
  • StepTime 2


  • CleanCrop
  • 400 Extra Spices

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