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[Software] Pixelan CreativEase [ENG]

posted by Yarin VooDoo


As I said, CreativEase comes supplied with a lot of presets ready to use that cover a wide spectrum of requirements, however it is possible to modify anytime all the parameters that control the filter, for the gradient that controls the application of the filter on the video to keyframes and beizer curves to control animation.

Applying a filter, on the screen is shown the interface of plug-in, that, also if completely in English, it is particularly simple with comprehensible push-buttons and icons, also for who don’t know well English.
More aid comes from the flexibility of the interface that automatically adapt to the type of used filter, only showing the necessary controls avoiding to the user to get lost between menu and submenu: all needed controls are on the screen and can be modified quickly.

If this isn’t enough, it is present also a icon with the interrogative point that open a tutorial relative to the filter currently in use and from this you can access to online manual.

CreativEase has also an extended system of UNDO/REDO that leaves space to  experimentation without risk of lost all the job done or continuously having to apply and to eliminate the filter in order to verify various effects, moreover the software  can elaborate image with 16bit precision in hosts that support this characteristic.

An useful function is the ability to save own presets and to recall them anytime through a selection window that shows also the preview of the selected preset.
Obviously if we can save easily our presets, in the same way we can eliminate them without problems in order to maintain order in the our collection of presets.

Every filter uses a different extension and saves by default the preset in the relative folder, in this way we can organize better our preset avoiding confusion with those of other filters and avoiding also accidental overwriting.

Between the filters, RiseShine has particularly surprised me, this is a filter created for giving that a new touch to the titles in order making them to emerge from 2D level, in fact it can add many 3D-like effects as glares, glossy effects, neon and belevel to our titles improving their quality, obviously the filter is applicable not only to titles but to any media on the timeline.
A very nice  add-on to improve the titling system integrated in Vegas.

In the next image you can view (on video the effects is more noticeable than in this little image) on the left the normal text, while on the right the same text with the RiseShine filter  and Belevel 8 preset.

As already in SpiceFilter, a very nice filters are StepTime and StepMotion, with these you can create effective strobo, ghosting and trails effects (the classic effect that often we are look in music video).
Like already for the previous plug-ins, it’s suggested to make a pre-rendering on hard-drive of the clip in order to verify the effect produce by the filter, because the preview could not be the same of the final render, above all with interlaced media.

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