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[Software] Pixelan CreativEase [ENG]

posted by Yarin VooDoo


For who realizes short-movie, the filter GrainPlus 2 can be useful to add many types of grain to the own production, some presets created for this use and named Filmic, also the filter ChromaWarp 2 is very interesting with its preset of Color Correction.

The filter ChromaWarp 2 is part of the Color Effects package with the Posterwise filter useful in order to create cartoon-style and abstract effects.

Passing to the other filters available, we analyze the Blur Effects pack where we find the OrganiBlur filter to make nice "fluid" effects on video, but also on titles or media with alpha channel.

A very interesting filter of this package is: BlurPro.

The main feature of BlurPro filter is that ability to apply blur effects not to all the video but only to determined parts of the same one, conjugating several blur effects with powerful masking tool.
With this filter you can create the classic dreamy effect in just a click, but you can also improve the video quality increasing the sharpness where necessary or reducing classics artefacts of the DV/Mpeg/Jpeg compression.

Here a small example an JPEG image with 2 different presets of the filter: the first less conservative of details but useful in order to have an image more soft, while the second one exalt the details eliminating at the same time the artefacts.

(In the next sequences of images I put in comparison the original image on the left with two modified through the BlurPro filter to the centre and right)

Click to Enlarge

As it is easy to notice from the images, the preset used in the image on the centre helps to improve the skin reducing the fine details, the second present instead exalts  details improving also the contrast, reducing artefacts.
The only worsening is in the high part of the image where we have a black tube on a white background (elements with high contrast) where, above all with 1° preset (the image on the centre), increase of the grain and some artefacts.

The BlurPro filter is also useful in order to improve other filters applies to the video.

At last we analyze the CleanCrop filter supplied as Extra.

This filter, as the name suggests, is useful to crop the image in order to eliminate, for ex., the classic analogic sideband of the video acquired from videotape.
In such situations the only solution consists in stretching or zooming the image enough in to hide the defect, but this system introduces distortions and an unavoidable modification of the image quality, the CleanCrop filter, instead, replace the selected pixels with others pixel similar to those adjacent ones, without deforming or modifying in any way the image.

Here a little example on a frame extracted from a VHS video where you can notice the left black bar.

The result is very interesting!

Acting in such a way, CleanCrop don’t modify the sharpness of the image, resolving the problem but maintaining the quality of the video unchanged.
The filter can also apply a mirror effect to the selected pixels (a maximum of 64 pixels for side) and a fade effect with a colour chosen from the standard palette.

For who need more info about CreativEase there is a specific page that explains each filter with examples, there are also available some video.

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